Our sale birds are generally available at auctions throughout the year and we endeavour to keep the list of  auctions where our birds will be available up to date, as below.

We have a policy of only selling birds that we have bred ourselves and not other breeders birds that we have purchased and finished breeding with.

We strive to make available only birds of the quality and with the features that we would be prepared to purchase ourselves, as a yardstick for quality.

Generally hens no older than 3 years and cocks no older than 4 years are sold.

Older birds that we have finished breeding with are usually passed on to beginner members of our club, to assist them to get started.

Our "pet shop" culls are quickly disposed of, so that the quality of holding stock is generally only birds that we would be want to breed with or show.

Pedigree's are available for all birds, and provided at Auctions to purchasers.

Click on the photo for the bird pedigree.
Birds are coming.
UNITED BUDGERIGAR SOC - Sunday 1st October 2017 (Budgie Bash Sale)
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UNITED BUDGERIGAR SOC - Sunday 20th August 2017
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 BUDGERIGAR SOC - Saturday nd J 201
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Birds are coming.
MS6 15-42272
MS6 16-154
MS6 15-15572
MS6 16-61
MS6 16-107
MS6 16-108
MS6 16-171
MS6 17-55
MS6 17-56
MS6 17-76